AUGUST 18th – Random Potion has been working on a new project, The Dark Eye – Book of Heroes, that was announced on Saturday 10th August in Ratcon Limburg roleplaying game convention. The Dark Eye is the most popular tabletop roleplaying game in Germany with over 30 years of history and an active and dedicated fanbase. It aims to bring the tabletop feeling into a digital game. Instead of hack’n’ slash the game has a focus on social interaction and puzzles – though combat also remains an option.

“Our main goal with the game has been to bring a new, more tabletop-like experience to the digital medium and as such The Dark Eye is a perfect fit for us. The game has deep and detailed lore accumulated over decades. It provides content for us to draw from for a long time”, says Creative Director Arto Koistinen. “One of the cool aspects of rules is that it gives the players plenty of options other than just plain old combat. That helps us to bring more varied experience to the Book of Heroes.”

More info of Dark Eye – Book of Heroes from the publisher’s page.

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