NOVEMBER 21st – A bunch of startups from Tampere region were selected to attend Slush based on their pitch. Random Potion was one and we also received a demo booth. There were plenty of Tampere based startups with strong background competing with us so we were honored to receive our spot in this tough group!

This autumn we have also collected feedback in different demo events and attended pitching competitions on top of everyday game development work. At the beginning of October there was a pitching competition in Stream Startup Festival that was organized for the first time this year. Top startups received Slush tickets and demo booths. Read more here.

Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki was held in September where we won PC Indie Pitch. We received great feedback from the judges: “We also thought that the game had loads of nice features like procedurally generated adventures, unique characters and the fact that these characters play a part in the story. The team and personal goals were a brilliant tough too. All in all, the fact that the procedural generation was taking into account characters and even weapons so that everyone is included was really smart thinking. This was really unique and interesting.” Read more here.

We have been making ambitious plans for next year – let’s talk more in Slush! Come visit us in our demo booth on 5th December or let’s book a meeting!

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