AUGUST 20th – Random Potion team is attending Gamescom also this year and we have interesting news to share. After vertical slice was finished in March the project was put on hold and it was time to collect feedback of the game. Based on it we made some changes to the game design. One of the biggest change is that game is not only multiplayer but there is also a single player mode available and some of the adventures can be played also alone. Character concept art have been also updated and more images will be published soon.

About Random Potion

Random Potion is a game studio from Tampere, Finland. It is founded by a team of experienced indie game developers who have published several game titles during their career. Our vision is to develop story based games that can be remembered years to come.

If you are interested in to hear more about our plans, let’s meet in Gamescom!

Contact Info

Name:        Kirsi Rossi