APRIL 12th – Random Potion held a conference in Tampere to gather feedback on their new project.

Random Potion arranged a small meeting between local game developers in Tampere to present their new project. The online roleplaying game with unique social mechanics was well received and the company gathered a lot of positive and constructive feedback.

Project Scoundrel is a co-operative multiplayer roleplaying game with procedurally generated levels and a focus on narrative interaction between the players. It’s a blend of Baldur’s Gate, Vermintide and roguelikes. Each character has a personal storyline with private objectives and motivations that create conflict between the players, but the game requires collaboration succeed in the adventures. These social mechanics create the need for constant communication and negotiation, effectively leading into actual roleplaying.

Levels are generated specifically for the current party; if there’s a wizard in the party, there will be a puzzle requiring the use of magic, traps to disarm for rogues, etc. Each character will have moments to shine by having puzzles which require skills that only one character has. Combat encounters have enemies that are weak against a character’s skills. Players can have personal information like a specialisation in certain area of knowledge; if there are dwarven runes, only the dwarf character can read them.

The company received feedback that was both critical and encouraging. “We’re currently in the early stages of the project, but it was clear that our ideas resonated with the audience. Our goals are ambitious, but we’re definitely heading into the right direction,” says CEO Arto Koistinen. The event was attended by twenty industry veterans such as Jari Paananen from Traplight and Karoliina Korppoo from Colossal Order.

The team is currently looking for a publisher to help them bring Project Scoundrel to PC as a premium downloadable game.

About Random Potion

Random Potion is a game company specialised in multiplayer games with a strong emphasis on interaction between players and player-driven storytelling. The company is based in Finland and is currently working on their first game, Project Scoundrel.

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Name: Arto Koistinen
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