FINLAND, March 7th 2017The newly founded Random Potion brings the tabletop roleplaying experience to digital games.

With millions of players inhabiting online spaces such as the World of Warcraft, it is obvious that roleplaying games are one of the more prevalent genres in the gaming world. Others ranging from sports titles to first person shooters borrow elements introduced in the original Dungeons & Dragons. These were not the elements that made the games of fantasy and imagination so compelling in the first place, though – it was social collaboration, problem solving and stepping into another person’s shoes that made it so.

Random Potion, a team from the burgeoning games incubator that is Finland, sets out to change all that. The company, with gaming nights part of its weekly curriculum, is comprised of game industry veterans who have worked on a plethora of titles: Urban Empire, a recent city building success; the award-winning mobile roleplaying game Rimelands: The Hammer of Thor; the tabletop roleplaying satire Knights of Pen and Paper 2, as well as global franchises ranging from Star Wars and Indiana Jones to Pixar movies.

“We’re currently looking for a publisher who shares our vision of transforming digital roleplaying games”, says the company CEO Arto Koistinen. “We have received seed investment and are currently working on a proof of concept for our first game, Project Scoundrel.” This project is described as a “tabletop-inspired roleplaying game which draws a lot of inspiration from titles such as Baldur’s Gate, with a focus on co-operative multiplayer and procedurally created adventures where unique factors such as individual story choices are mixed in.”

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About Random Potion

Random Potion is a game company specialised in multiplayer games with a strong emphasis on interaction between the players and player-driven storytelling. The company is based in Finland and is currently working on their first game, Project Scoundrel.

Contact Info

Name: Arto Koistinen
Mobile: +358 40 833 45 33